Ceremony at the National Assembly

Today was a super busy day.

In the morning, I attended the launching ceremony of the One-K Global Campaign held at the Seoul Museum of History. In the afternoon, I attended a public prayer ceremony held at the National Assembly to celebrate for the peace and the reunification of the Korean Independence Day on August 15. After returning to the office, I had an interview over one hour on NBC-TV about ‘As a first Korean-American ever elected in the US Congress, my view on Korean-Americans running for US Mainstream Politics’ and I was proud of myself.

Even though it was a very tiring day, I think I managed it very well tod


Special interview on the Korean economy WOW-TV

I appeared in the special program on the Korean economy WOW-TV in the afternoon. This special program called ‘2018 North Korea-United States summit special, Wall of the Century, A Revolution in the Korean Peninsula’. It’s a historic talk in the Century, so I ended up interviewing with 4 different media today. I hope my opinion will be helpful to our US-Korea relationship.

Interview with Maeil-Economic TV

I had an Interview with Maeil-Economic TV on the topic of ‘Will Trump’s ‘Big Deal’ is played on ‘2018 North Korea-United States summit?’  I predict that Trump will try to solve the North Korea problem to get reelected in 2020, and that the Korea economy will be well-developed after the summit. I hope the US-North Korea talks will succeed.



The 68th Anniversary of the UN Forces Memorial Ceremony in the Osan city

The 68th Anniversary of the UN Forces Memorial Ceremony and the Task Force Smith Memorial Service was held in the Osan city yesterday. The Surviving TFS members and their families, who had been sacrificed by North Korean soldiers during the Korean War, were invited from the Osan City every year. There are only a few members left, so their sons and grandsons came with pictures of their grandfather who died during the Korean War in 1950. This is a sad and amazing story. We honor These members of the Task Force Smith who gave their noble lives to defend the freedom and peace of Korea on July 5, 1950, at the Jukmi-Ryung near Osan city.

For the services, my wife and I’ve been providing to the city every year, Mayor Sang-wook Kwak awarded me a plaque of appreciation.

On the evening of July 5th, for those who visited Korea, Jay Kim foundation hosted a dinner at the Raum Art Center. Pastor So of the New Eden Church came and prayed for us.

It was a happy and enjoyable time for all the participants and those who attended this year’s ceremony were amazed at the great development of Korea. Everyone thanked Osan city for inviting

them every year without ever forgetting them.

The 11th week lecture of the Kim Chang-joon Academy

On May 17th, Kim Chang-Jun Academy’s 11th class, Dr. Sung-Mo Kim gave a lecture on the topic of ‘Intellectual Property Policy Direction in the Fourth Industrial Revolution’. I met Dr. Sung back in 2013 when he was a director of Small and Medium Business Administration. I’d like to thank him very much for coming all the way from Daejon city to give us a great lecture.

Special lecture at Gyeongnam National University of Science

Yesterday I gave a special lecture at Gyeongnam National University of Science and Technology Department. Ive been giving lectures to the businessmen in the past, so its been a while since I gave a lecture to the college students. But, I was very happy to see the bright future of Korea from these students. Thank you for inviting me to Gyeongnam University.