Former U.S. Congressman Jay ChangJoon Kim


  • Former Member of U.S. Congress
  • Chairman, KimChangJoon Future US-Korea Foundation
  • Chairman, KimChangJoon Politics-Economic Academy


  • University of Southern California: B.S. in Civil Engineering
  • University of Southern California: M.S. un Environmental Engineering
  • California State University: Graduate School of Public Administration
  • Hanyang University: Doctorate in Political Science

Political Career

  • House of Representative, 103, 104 and 105 (1993-1999)
  • Mayor, the City of Diamond Bar
  • Member of the City Council, of Diamond Bar


  • I am a Conservative,1994 by Sung Moon Publishing Company
  • Politics in Korea & in U.S.A, 1999 by Kyo Moon Sa Publishing Company
  • Go ahead Shake Me, I’ll never Give Up My Hope, 2010 by Ok Dang Publishing Company
  • Be Ready for Next President Trump , 2016 by Raon Book Publishing Company


2000-Present, Professional Affiliation
Chairman of KimChangJoon Future US-Korea foundation
Chairman of KimChangJoon Politics-Economic Academy
National Economic Advisory Council/Member for President Park in Korea
Chairman, Washington Korean-American Forum
Member of the United States Association of Former Members of Congress (FMC)
Honorary Governer, Kangwon Do (Place of PyeongChang Winter Olympic)
Honorary Citizen of Seoul, Jeju Province & City of Osan
International Advisor, Incheon International City
Special Advisor, Po- Hang International City
Goodwill Ambassador, Soonchunhyang University Hospital
International Advisor, Gosung-Gun in Kyung-Nam Province
Senior Advisor, Global Forum of Korean Politicians
Public Relations Advisor, the Office of the President of Korea (President M B Lee)
Honorary Ambassador, Gyeonggi Province
Advisor, Korea Economic Daily

1993-1999, U.S. Congressman
Member, Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure
Chairman, Subcommittee on Government Buildings
‘Outstanding Legislative Leadership Award’ of the 103rd Congress
Recipient of the ‘Ellis Island Medal of Honor Award’
Honorary Citizen of Seoul
Member, Committee on Foreign Affairs
Subcommittee, Committee on Asia and Pacific Islands

1976-1993, Jay Kim Engineering
Founded Jay Kim Engineering in 1976, which in 10 years grew into a company listed in the 500 largest Design Firm in California
Planning Commissioner, City in San Dimas, CA
Registered Civil Engineer in California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada and Arizona.

Jay Kim’s Untold Story of U.S. Politics (Hankook-Ilbo), 2008-2010
Jay Kim Column in Korea Daily U.S. Edition (Jung Ang-Ilbo), bi-weekly, 2009-present
Jay Kim Desk on WKTV in Washington DC, bi-weekly, 2008-2016
Jay Kim’s Korean Politics and U.S. Politics in Korea Economic Daily, bi-weekly, 2009-present
Jay Kim Column in the Korea Times, English edition, bi-weekly, 2010-2016
Jay Kim’s Congressional Memoir  in the Korea Times, English edition, weekly, 2010-2011


The President’s Medal and Award’ from ROK, 2012
The Political Leadership Award, Korean American Political Leadership Conference, 2012
1993 Recipient of the Ellis Island Medal of Honor Award
US Department of Commerce: Sprit of Enterprise
Citizens Against Government Waste: Award for Taxpayer Hero
Watchdogs of the Treasury: Award for Golden Bulldog
The Free Congress Foundation: Award for Sound Dollar
The National Federation of Independent Business: Guardian of Small Business
The League of Private Property Voters: Champion of Property Right
The 60/Plus Association: Guardian of Seniors Rights
The National Wholesale Grocers and International Food Service Distributors Association : Award for the Thomas Jefferson
The National Security Caucus: Award for the National Security Leadership
1993 Recipient of the Ellis Island Medal of Honor Award
Award for National Excellence in Civil Engineering
Award for Outstanding achievement in Business Community
Engineer of the Year Award
Outstanding Legislative Leadership Award of the 103rd Congress
Outstanding Leadership Award from NAPAW


Exciting lectures ahead from Minister of Defense and much more, all at Kim Chang-Joon Academy

On the 18th of August, formal Congressman Jay Kim had a meeting with Minister of Defense, Song Young-Moo. Mr. Jay Kim was grateful to recognize they are the Daejeon High School alumnus. Mr Kim was very thankful to have many excellent people coming as lecturers for Kim Chang-Joon Academy despite their busy schedule.

This semester, students have a great opportunity to directly hear the policy on important issues such as defense and social confusion from the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, the Minister of Defense Dept., and the Attorney General and so many more.

On August 19th, there was a Board Meeting for the 2017 Kim Chang-Joon Academy at the Hilton Hotel in Namsan. Mr. Jay Kim was grateful for all the attendees and whoever contributing a positive strength. In the future, he will do his best to extend his knowledge on policy decisions to support his Academy.



Kim Chang-Joon Academy Inspiring Updates

The 15th Kim Chang-Joon Academy will be opening on September 7th. We are recruiting excellent people to apply and join the Academy.

On August 16th, we’ve announced official list of new Mentors that will give special lectures to our Academy students. Welcome all and thank you for your participation.


Meaningful 72nd anniversary of the opening ceremony of the 3rd UN/UNESCO World Memory Legacy Memorial Foundation

Today, honorable former Congressman Jay Kim attended the 72nd anniversary of the opening ceremony of the 3rd UN / UNESCO World Memory Legacy Memorial Foundation and watched the movie” The Last Comfort Women “. Mr. Jay Kim gave his sincere gratitude to Kim Young-Jin, former National Assemblyman of Korea for his endless effort to promote this meaningful event.

The Conference was held on Unification of Korea organized by CSIS

Today, Mr. Jay Kim attended a conference on Korean unification and it was organized by CSIS. Many speakers came from Korea and the conference was very successful. Mr Kim also attended a dinner gathering prepared by Washington Korean leaders this evening and gave a welcome speech. Mr. Kim and Mrs. Kim will be leaving for Denver next morning to see the family members. It was a short trip to Washington but had a very tight schedule. But, Mr. Kim is grateful that he was able to accomplish a lot in a short time.

Attended a breakfast Meeting at U.S. Capitol Hill for the Study Group sponsored by U.S. Association of Former Members of Congress (FMC)

Today, there was a breakfast meeting at the US Capitol in Washington, sponsored by the FMC (U.S. Association of Former Members of Congress). For the first Korea-focused program, there were many people attended including 15 Members of incumbent, 4 former Members including Mr. Jay Kim, an Ambassador from Korea, and representatives from Korean corporations, Korean media and several Korean experts. They gathered to discuss issues about Korea, especially the North Korea’s nuclear issue. Everyone was interested in the current situation in Korea.

After the meeting, one of the Former Member exclusively toured the Capitol Hill for the people came from Korea. It was a great experience and an opportunity to learn a lot about the history of US Congress.