The Washington Korean-American Forum

The Washington Korean-American Forum

WKAF History

WKAF was established in 2007 by prominent Korean Americans active in business,

academia, politics and research fields in the Greater Metropolitan Washington area.


WKAF Mission and Goal

The main mission of the Forum is to engage in various activities in order to strengthen the traditional U.S.- Korean economic, diplomatic and other relationships. We the Forum members were born and raised thorough throughout our youth in Korea, and then received further education in  U.S. colleges and graduate schools. We have settled in this great country of the United States of America, which have has become our new country, but we still maintain a strong family and emotional relationships with the country of our birth, the Republic of Korea. It is the main goal of the Forum to strengthen the mutually beneficial, close relationship between the United States of America and the Republic of Korea. We the Forum members acknowledge that we have been truly blessed in this great land of our adopted country professionally, financially, and personally. By working tirelessly to forge an even stronger relationship between America and Korea, we the Forum members can make positive contributions to the welfare of both peoples’ nations.

▲Chairman. Jay Kim


Naver Blog

Naver Blog
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