Financial News 7/17

In his interview with Financial News, Jay Kim pointed out as one of the problems in the Korean politics that the separation of powers is not strictly observed by allowing a national assemblyman to be a minister of the administration at the same time. He said that the basic duty of a national assemblyman is to represent his district.

He listed splinter group politics, paying for nomination, proportional representation as bad political practices that should be destroyed, and said that the power to nominate candidate should be fully returned from political parties to people.

About the populism debate, he said the method to secure the revenue for the programs should be specified. On the other hand, he urged that the government should stop the fall of the middle classes, remove the polarization, and reform the unfair structure to revive small and medium businesses and the lower classes.

As a method to reform the Korean politics, he suggested that people should participate in politics and law-making directly by a national initiative system.


Yonhap News 7/12

Jay Kim gave an interview to Yonhap News on July 11. He emphasized that the system of candidate nomination is one of the reasons why the Korean politics cannot get out of the political third world. He added that he will have a signature campaign to reform the system to allow people to exercise their right to nominate candidates for the National Assembly in the next year’s general election.

About the purpose of his foundation, he said it is to support and foster fresh young politicians. About the plans of the foundation, he said that he will consider education projects for leaders such as offering a CEO course in cooperation with colleges or an education program for high government officials, as well as holding a forum or seminar on political development.

About the suspicion that his foundation is a base for his entrance to the Korean politics, he said that he is not interested at all in participating in Korean politics. He expressed his embarrassment of the overheated elections in Korean American associations caused by granting suffrage to overseas Koreans.

He said his foundation will recommend many fresh candidates for the National Assembly in the next general election and will also announce early the candidate it supports in the next presidential election. He added that the job of a politician is to improve the lives of the poor people.

Chosun Ilbo 7/6

Jay Kim held a ceremony for launching the ‘Kim Chang-jun Future Korea-U.S. Foundation’ in Seoul on July 6. He announced that the purpose of the non-profit foundation is to foster young talents to reform the Korean politics.

300 people, including Chung Un-chan, the chairman of the shared growth committee, Governor of Gyeonggido Kim Moon-soo, Secretary General of the National Assembly Kwon Oh-eul, etc., attended the ceremony.

E-today 7/4


Jay Kim gave a lecture on ‘the U.S. policies on small and medium businesses’ at Korean Small and Medium Business Administration on July 1.


Kim pointed out that healthy small and medium businesses play an important role in the formation of the healthy middle classes and that the concentration of excellent talent in big corporations should not be left alone.


He introduced the U.S. programs for small and medium businesses and emphasized the importance of small and medium businesses in the U.S. economy.


He also suggested to adopt American style anti-trust laws, and added that effective policies to support small and medium businesses need a cooperative system among the supporting agencies to make Small and Medium Business Administration a unified source of support for small and medium businesses.

Yonhap News 6/27


Jay Kim gave a talk on ‘lessons from the recent state of leading corporations’ CSR activities’ at a CSR seminar hosted by the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Hong Kong on June 27. The purpose of the seminar was aimed at Korean corporations and Korean financial institutions in Hong Kong to form a shared understanding of the importance of corporate social responsibility.


In his talk, Kim introduced the history of CSR in the U.S. and claimed that Korean companies should participate actively in solving the biggest problem of Korea, i.e., its economic polarization.

Hankook Ilbo 6/21


Jay Kim gave an interview to Hankook Ilbo on June 21. In this interview, Kim said that the political status of Korean Americans is not too low and also rising rapidly as the economic power of the Korean American community grows. He asked patience from the Korean American community in raising the political power of Korean Americans, and he expressed his desire to transfer his political experience to promising Korean American politicians.


He advised the next generation of Korean American politicians that they should express their Korean identity proudly, and also have a strong message to grow as a politician.


About overseas Koreans’ suffrage, he said that he supports it passionately, but pointed out the difficulty of voting that will be caused by the current voting system. He wondered why voting by postal ballot cannot be adopted, and he said that there should be at least four members of the National Assembly from the Korean American community.


About the current state of Korea, he said its biggest problem is the economic polarization, and to solve this problem, Korea should strengthen the middle classes, revive small and medium businesses, and focus more on distribution policies.