Former US congressman launches organization

Kim Chang-jun

By Chung Min-uck

Former congressman from California is launching a not-for-profit organization for the development and reformation of Korean politics with the support from young and reformative Korean politicians.

The foundation is named “Kim Chang-jun Korea America Institute,” and it will kick off this Wednesday in an inauguration ceremony to be held at 63 City, Seoul.

Kim Chang-jun, also known as Jay Kim, 72, was elected to the House of Representative in 1992 as a Republican from California’s 41st District and held the position until 1998, making him the first Korean American elected to the United States Congress.

“The opportunities for the young people in their thirties and forties to enter the political scene in Korea are limited. So I thought of helping them to get into the scene through telling them my long experience in politics,” said Kim.

“Also as the first and only Korean representative in U.S., I want to do a study of comparing the political problems of two nations and help reform Korean politics.”

After the launching of the organization, Kim plans to teach younger generation about politics in real life based on his experience and at the same time support them financially.

Kim is currently the board chairman at Korea-U.S. Washington Forum.