Joongang Ilbo 10/3


In an interview with Joongang Ilbo on October 3, Jay Kim emphasized the importance of precise, elaborate strategy for those who enter U.S… He offered advice for Jun H. Choi, the former Mayor of Edison, New Jersey, who is running for the U.S. House: “It is very important to recognize what people want through a survey in the district and give prominence to one’s strengths relevant to the survey result.”

Kim mentioned that issues at the federal level such as taxes, welfare, abortion, etc. should be emphasized in a federal election, and he warned that one should take a clear position on the issues lest he should lose votes from both sides

On next year’s overseas voting, he said that the overseas Koreans should have had suffrage and that though practical convenience was not taken into consideration this time, it would be improved gradually.

He also emphasized, “Proportional representation for Koreans in the U.S. is necessary,” and “the power to nominate candidates should be returned to the people.”

He also announced that he would launch an academy next March to help address economic polarization in Korea.