Kyeongin Ilbo 2/10

Jay Kim gave a lecture on ‘Resolving Polarization to Become an Advanced Economic Power’, hosted by Kyeongin Ilbo and the Incheon Business Forum on February 9.

Kim pointed out the structural imbalance inKorea, and claimed that to resolve economic polarization, which has become a serious social problem, SMEs and middle classes must be protected and become stronger.

Making a comparison betweenKoreaand theU.S., he said that the people inKoreaseemed to have lost a sense of ownership of their country and just follow political leaders. He added that since politicians rely on big corporations, a fundamental solution to the problem of their giving favors to big corporations is hard to find.

He emphasized that the lack of efforts to legislate laws to solve polarization is a harmful consequence of the candidate nomination system where political parties have the power to nominate candidates.

He expressed the intention to help with promoting SMEs inKoreathrough his foundation. His foundation will hold a meeting between SMEs and related government agencies and prepare a program to experience advanced countries. Then, based on feedback from SMEs, the foundation will present legislative ideas.