Korea Economic Daily 4/25



Jay Kim has founded an academy in Korea to advance Korean politics and foster honorable politicians and advanced businessmen.

The goal of the Kim Chang-jun Politics & Economy Academy, named after Kim, is to lay the foundation for the advancement of Korean politics through various research into economic and political issues.

Kim said, “I believe that I know more about the American democracy than anyone, as I served as a U.S. House Representative for three consecutive terms,” and explained his reason behind the establishment of the academy. “Now, I will address obstacles to the advancement of politics in Korea through this academy”.

According to his evaluation, Korean politics still remains in the third world. He claimed that it was due to the short history of democracy inKoreaand the lack of real reform which has been hindered by the political establishment. He argued that we should correct the situation where 1% of politicians make 99% of the people unhappy, and work toward building an advanced form of free democracy to take root in our country.

To advance Korean politics and foster respected politicians, his academy will combine domestic and overseas research power. It will form a research group which will be a link between renowned politicians and scholars in the U.S. and Korea, to establish the foundation for a human network where a continuous real-time exchange of information occurs.

Also, his academy will perform diverse research on the opinions and desires of the people and secure stable and steady funding to lead the right political and economic research and contribute to society.

In addition, the academy will hold international conferences and lectures by the world’s best experts and scholars to unite and strengthen the international research on Korean politics and economy.

Above all, Kim emphasized the transparency of the academy. To operate funding projects according to the founding missions of the academy, a thorough, credible review process will be adopted from the selection of research projects to publication of results.

The academy will first develop curriculums on the advancement of the Korean economy and politics and the development of political leadership, and begin its operation on a full scale in June.