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In this interview with Yonhap News on August 13, Jay Kim assessed the appointment of House Representative Paul Ryan as the Republican Vice-Presidential Candidate as a move to defeat President Obama by uniting conservatives.


Kim presented four Republican strategies behind the Romney campaign’s selection of the vice presidential candidate.


Pointing out the “reality that Romney does not have 100% of support even among the conservative voters,” Kim said, “this selection seems to be based on a plan to get support from more conservative voters with Ryan who is supported by the far-right Tea Party while attracting support from moderates with Romney.


According to Kim, the fact that Romney, who thinks of himself as an expert on the economy, chose Ryan, a budget expert, clearly shows Romney’s intention to make the economy the key agenda of his campaign rather than international affairs or national security.


Kim said, “Congressman Ryan, the chairman of the House Budget Committee, is the right person to deal with the issues of the unemployment rate, the federal deficit, tax reform and Obamacare that are at the center of voters’ interest.”


The third strategy is to approach voters in the middle and lower classes with Ryan who grew up in a modest economic background unlike the billionaire Romney.


Finally, according to Kim, Romney, who is relatively old, 65, can appeal to a wider range of generations with Ryan who is just 42 years old, and especially, Ryan would draw in young voters, the main voting block for President Obama.


Ryan’s rapid growth from a congressman from Wisconsin to a major figure in national politics can appeal to young people’s sentiments of the ‘American Dream’.


However, Kim also mentioned things that the Republican Party could lose with this selection.


Ryan’s objection to a tax increase on the rich gave the Democratic Party and the Obama campaign more things to attack, and by selecting him, Romney may lose the Black, Hispanic and other minority voters completely.


Kim also pointed out that since both Republican candidates lack experience in foreign affairs, it is hard to predict how they would deal with the Korea-U.S. alliance or the North Korean nuclear problem.


Still, Kim emphasized, since it is not possible for candidates or their running mates to satisfy everything, they have to make smart choices on things to let go and hold onto in an election.



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In his interview with Yonhap News on August 9, Jay Kim emphasized the importance of campaign fundraising, talking about the close race in the U.S. presidential election.


He said, “People will realize the enormous power of campaign funds as Election Day closes in.”


In campaign fundraising, Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney has dominated President Barack Obama by raising over $100 million two months in a row since June.


Unlike John McCain, the 2008 Republican presidential candidate who lost to President Obama in the ‘money race’, Romney is on pace to easily break the fundraising record, $750 million, set by President Obama in the 2008 election.


Kim also suggested the possibility of a shortage of money in the Obama campaign as his campaign spent too much too early in the race.


In fact, the Romney campaign had more cash to spend, $170 million, as of the beginning of July than the Obama campaign’s $144 million, and added another $15 million at the end of July.


It would be interesting to see what Romney’s lead in the fundraising race, which will intensify as Election Day draws near, will bring in this election.

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On August 3, Jay Kim participated in a campaign event for Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney in Vienna, Virginia.


The event was held as a policy briefing targeting Asian votes in Virginia, one of the swing States in the presidential race. Others who participated in this event included House Representative Frank Wolf, Virginia House Delegate Barbara Comstock and Assistant Secretary of the Department of Commerce and Trade of Virginia Jimmy Rhee, a Korean-American.


Taking the high interest in education and the high ratio of small business owners among Asian-Americans and the situation of the KoreanPeninsula into consideration, they focused on Romney’s economic policies, including his policy to support small businesses, and his policies on education and national security.


Kim said, “To revive the economy, Romney who knows the economy from his experience in business should be elected” and “traditionally, the Korea-U.S. alliance has been more emphasized by the Republican administrations, and keeping the alliance strong would keep investors in the Korean market.”


In addition, Kim mentioned that an event with the candidate himself or with his wife was going to be held in the future.

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Jay Kim made an appearance on the ‘Open World Today’ at PBC on July 2.


During the program, Kim praised Park Geun-hye, the former chairperson of the Emergency Committee of the Saenuri Party, highly for her strong leadership based on principles and accountability. He emphasized that her strong leadership was needed in Korea.


About the controversy in the Saenuri Party over its presidential primary system, Kim flatly dismissed the arguments for an open primary of the three so-called ‘non-Park’ candidates, pointing out that it was not right to change rules just to their advantage in the middle of the primary process, and even if the rules were to change, the change should be applied to the next primary.


He also expressed puzzlement over the concern that Park’s becoming the presidential candidate of the Saenuri Party under the current format would lower her competitiveness in the election.


About the ‘Ahn Cheol-soo phenomenon’, Kim said, “I have never seen such a case. Is he running for President or not?” and “if he will run, he should announce his candidacy as soon as possible and participate in the primaries of the Democratic Party.”


Kim added that if he were Ahn, he would try to win the Nobel Prize instead of getting into politics.

Maeil Business Newspaper 6/21



Jay Kim appeared on ‘News M’ of MBN on June 20 to talk about various issues in politics.


Kim wondered why Ahn Cheol-soo, the Dean of the Graduate School of Convergence Science and Technology at SeoulNationalUniversity, did not announce his decision on whether he would run for President, even though the election was only six months away. Kim criticized Ahn for shying away from announcing his candidacy and putting his past and his vision for Korea under the scrutiny of the people.


Comparing Korean politics with U.S. politics, Kim criticized the proportional representation system in Korea and the primary election scandal in the Unified Progressive Party.


He claimed that the power to nominate candidates should be returned from political parties to the people, but he clearly stated that he did not agree with ‘non-Park’ candidates of the Saenuri Party on their insistence to adopt an open primary system.


Kim claimed that what they wanted was a one-time only change of the party’s rule to their advantage while his position was to make a fundamental change to adopt a U.S.-style primary system and give the power of candidate nomination to the people.


He also criticized the pro-north lawmakers and emphasized the necessity for a lawmaker to take an oath of allegiance only to South Korea.


About negative attacks in the Korean presidential campaigns, he claimed that “making personal attacks without setting a vision is childish” and this “shows the backwardness of politics in Korea”.

Kim Chang-jun Academy has begun


The ‘Kim Chang-jun Politics & Economy Academy’ holds its first eight-week session on ‘Advancing Korean Politics and Economy and Developing Political Leadership’ for those who are enrolled in the academy from June 1 to July 20.

The goal of the academy is to “foster advanced politics and proper politicians”, and the academy plans to “focus on getting high-quality research outcomes through continuous, systematic discussions and expert research”.