7/5 Simin Ilbo



Jay Kim made an appearance on the ‘Open World Today’ at PBC on July 2.


During the program, Kim praised Park Geun-hye, the former chairperson of the Emergency Committee of the Saenuri Party, highly for her strong leadership based on principles and accountability. He emphasized that her strong leadership was needed in Korea.


About the controversy in the Saenuri Party over its presidential primary system, Kim flatly dismissed the arguments for an open primary of the three so-called ‘non-Park’ candidates, pointing out that it was not right to change rules just to their advantage in the middle of the primary process, and even if the rules were to change, the change should be applied to the next primary.


He also expressed puzzlement over the concern that Park’s becoming the presidential candidate of the Saenuri Party under the current format would lower her competitiveness in the election.


About the ‘Ahn Cheol-soo phenomenon’, Kim said, “I have never seen such a case. Is he running for President or not?” and “if he will run, he should announce his candidacy as soon as possible and participate in the primaries of the Democratic Party.”


Kim added that if he were Ahn, he would try to win the Nobel Prize instead of getting into politics.