Maeil Business Newspaper 6/21


Jay Kim appeared on ‘News M’ of MBN on June 20 to talk about various issues in politics.


Kim wondered why Ahn Cheol-soo, the Dean of the Graduate School of Convergence Science and Technology at SeoulNationalUniversity, did not announce his decision on whether he would run for President, even though the election was only six months away. Kim criticized Ahn for shying away from announcing his candidacy and putting his past and his vision for Korea under the scrutiny of the people.


Comparing Korean politics with U.S. politics, Kim criticized the proportional representation system in Korea and the primary election scandal in the Unified Progressive Party.


He claimed that the power to nominate candidates should be returned from political parties to the people, but he clearly stated that he did not agree with ‘non-Park’ candidates of the Saenuri Party on their insistence to adopt an open primary system.


Kim claimed that what they wanted was a one-time only change of the party’s rule to their advantage while his position was to make a fundamental change to adopt a U.S.-style primary system and give the power of candidate nomination to the people.


He also criticized the pro-north lawmakers and emphasized the necessity for a lawmaker to take an oath of allegiance only to South Korea.


About negative attacks in the Korean presidential campaigns, he claimed that “making personal attacks without setting a vision is childish” and this “shows the backwardness of politics in Korea”.