The Value of a Korean-American PAC: Korean Daily Interview

Jay Kim assessed the Korean American Grassroots Conference, which was held recently, as an encouraging sign for improving the political power of Korean-Americans.

He said that it was important for Korean-American grassroots activists to join forces, regardless of their party affiliations, to increase the political power of Korean-Americans, and that it was about time for Korean-Americans to form a political action committee (PAC) to convey their opinions to politicians through legitimate political funds.

Citing trem201801675endous Jewish influence over American politics through AIPAC as an example, he emphasized the importance of raising political funds to gain influence in Congress.

Kim pointed out the limits of individualistic tendencies in some of Korean-Americans’ fundraising activities, saying that such activities would not have much effect at the federal level, thought they might work at a local level.

He also advised that movements to increase voter registration and voting by Korean-Americans should not be neglected, since politicians analyze demographic information of their districts and the voting rates and behaviors of demographic groups.



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