Task Force Smith Memorial Park interview with Kyeongin Ilbo

926267_487829_5500In his interview with Kyeongin Ilbo on December 18, Jay Kim talked about Osan City’s project to build a memorial park for Task Force Smith.

Kim thanked Osan City for its plan for the memorial park. The plan quickly moved forward after he visited the U.N. Forces First Battle Monument and the Jukmyreong battlefield near Osan in October 2013.

Thinking that “Koreans should not forget about the sacrifice of the fallen members of Task Force Smith that fought to the death at Jukmyreong to defend freedom and peace,” he proposed and agreed with Osan City to “commemorate their will to defend freedom and promote it as a symbol of the alliance between Korea and the U.S.”

“Jukmyreong was the place where Task Force Smith which participated in the Korean War as part of the U.N. forces fought its first battle,” Kim said about the historical significance of the battle and battlefield. “181 of them died during the fierce battle against North Korean fleets of tanks, but they accomplished a great achievement of delaying the southward advancement of North Korean troops.”

Thus, Kim spread the news of the efforts to commemorate this meaningful sacrifice and history through U.S. media, and has been collecting historical items related with the Jukmyreong battle from the members and families of Task Force Smith.

Recently, he talked about these efforts with House Representative Charles Rangel who participated in the Korean War. This led to Rangel’s giving a speech about the significance and importance of Osan City’s project for the memorial park, which was officially left on the congressional record.

Closing the interview, he hoped that “Osan City will build the memorial park in cooperation with the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs and other institutions related with the project without any serious trouble, and will plant 540 trees for the 540 members to remind later generations of the significance of the battle.”



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