Jay Kim Giving Speech at Busan City Hall

Jay Kim gave a speech at Busan city hall, and the topic was “a sudden circumstance changes in East Asian region and how does it affect Busan City.” At the end of his speech, he received a huge applause from the audiences.

After the event, Jay checked in at Westin Hotel in Dong Baek Island and went sightseeing around Busan area. Though it was raining and windy, Jay had a great time with his family.


The Minister of Agriculture Giving a Speech at Kim Chang Joon Academy

On the week of 10 of the 12th Kim Chang Joon Academy, Lee Dong Phil, the minister of Agriculture, gave a speech of “How do we work for our agriculture industry– the administration of Park Geun-hye’s governmental policies for agriculture and its outcome”

A number of members from Kim Chang Joon Academy visited this event and showed their interests to the governmental policies for the agriculture industry.

Jay Kim Visiting Election Campaign

Yesterday, Jay Kim visited Osan city for the election campaign of Ahn Min Suk.

Today, he visited Daegu city for Lee In-Sun, who was the former vice-governor of Gyong Buk province and he was also 9th Kim Chang Jun Academy participant. In addition, Mr.Kim visited Kim Mun Su, the former Gyongi province governor’s election campaign. They initially met each other when Jay was a Gyongi Province honorary ambassador, and now he is a close friend of Jay’s. Since Jay Kim is American citizen so he cannot give official endorsements for any of them but he hopes all of them will finally win their election race.

Kim Chang Jun Academy Graduation Ceremony at Majon Glad Hotel in Jeju Island

Today, we had the 1st Kim Chang Jun Academy graduation ceremony at Majon Glad hotel in Jeju Island. The director of TAMLA Finance Forum, Kim Young Duck,  gave a speech about “성장사다리” fund and there was also a discussion event about Jeju island development. Also, Kim Bu-ill, the former Jeju island vice governor, gave a celebration speech for this event. It was such a great time having these events with many participants.