Appearance on Yonhap News

Yonhap News-TV broadcasted the first Presidential debate. They were talking about a big issue in terms of the policy of the Korean peninsula, whoever gets elected as President of the United States


Minister of Gender Equality&Family at Kim Chang-Joon Academy

Yesterday, the Minister of Gender Equality and Family came to the 4th lecture of Kim Chang-Joon Academy, and gave a lecture on an interesting topic, ‘A society where Women work freely through work and family reconciliation’. The lecture was very interesting and people enjoyed this special topic.



Kim Chang-Joon Academy Opening in Busan

The opening ceremony of Kim Chang-joon Academy was held at the Lotte Hotel in Busan. Jay Kim gave a lecture under the title of ‘Korea, international community’. Many excellent people from the local area registered for the academy. It is promising that Kim Chang-joon Academy will thrive in Busan too.