Appearance on YTN News

Mr. Jay Kim appeared on YTN’s “News of the Ho Joon Seok” talking about Mike Fence’s visit to Korea. Former National Assemblyman Park Jin was also joined the conversation.


Kim Chang-joon Academy of Study tour group trip to NYC

Kim Chang-joon Academy of Study tour group visited the Statue of Liberty, Elise Island and the United Nations and enjoyed a luncheon hosted by the Trade Association of New York branch. After that, the group went to the Consulate General in New York to talk about various issues with the Ambassador Kim Ki-hwan. The tour group also visited Time Square and Rockefeller Center in the afternoon.

2017 Kim Chang-joon Academy Study group

After arriving at New York JFK airport, the group traveled to Washington DC. They attended the dinner at the Embassy of the Republic of Korea hosted by Ambassador Ahn Young-young. The next day, they went to the Capitol Hill and the Visitor’s Center for tour. At the Main floor, they visited Speaker’s balcony and Rotunda. The Luncheon was invited by President of the Global Korean Alliance. After the luncheon, they all went to the Smithsonian Museum to tour the National Gallery of Art and they were assisted by Art professor at the George Washington University.

The dinner was hosted by the Washington Korean-American Forum, a think-tank organization where Jay Kim is serving as a lifetime Chairman. At the dinner, Jay Kim received an appreciation plaque from the Korea Central Daily of Washington in honor of writing Kim Chang – Joon column for the past eight years. Jay Kim’s column is consisted with current issues about politics of Korea and USA.