TV appearance on special documentary about the Battle of Osan Juk-Mi-Ryong

There was a special documentary on KBS-TV about the Battle of Osan Juk-Mi-Ryong which was a first battle between US and North Korean forces during the Korean War on July 5th, 1

950. This documentary was a 50-minute broadcast. Mr. Kim’s comment about the Korean War was on the last scene and it was pretty impactful. He said “I do not need to lie; I do not need to fabricate it. I just want it to remain truthful to its historical significance, because it is all true.”

“On July 5, 1950, 180 of the 540 Task Force Smith members were died or captured by North Korean Army. It was a tragedy and a sad memory for us, but I hope that sacrifices of the TFS, who fought to defend Korea, will be remembered for a long time.”


Conference at the Korean National Assembly

There was a conference at the Korean National Assembly. There were few current Members and some specialists to discuss how the confirmation hearing is operating in U.S. Congress. This conference was jointly sponsored by National Assemblyman Ahn, Min-Suk and Kim Chang-Joon Academy.

Mr Jay Kim had a lecture on the procedure of the confirmation hearing in U.S. Senate.

14th class’s graduation ceremony of Kim Chang – Joon Academy, Seoul campus

We celebrated the 14th class’s graduation ceremony of Kim Chang – Joon Academy, Seoul campus this evening.

Last few months, it was overwhelming for Mr. Kim to travel back and forth between Seoul and Busan every other day. There was Busan campus every Wednesday night and Seoul campus every Thursday night at the National Assembly in Seoul.

Out of his busy schedule, Mr. Woo Yoon – Keun, the General Secretary of the National Assembly, came to give a lecture on the graduation day. Also, our close friend from Washington DC, Hannah Kim attended the ceremony to give a short story about her visit to 26 UN countries that participated in Korean War.

Overall, it was a great ceremony.

These pictures were taken at the graduation ceremony. We had Mr. Jay Kim’s congratulatory remarks and Mr Ki-Ho Lee, a class president’s graduation speech. The class of 15th begins on September 7th and we are seeking for your interest and support.


Superman schedule on June 8th

June 8th was a very busy day for former Congressman Jay C Kim. In the morning, he went to Daegu with KTX and had a special lecture for the VIP customers at the new Daegu Shinsegae Department Store. As soon as he arrived at Seoul Station late in the afternoon, he went straight to the Press Center and attended the publication ceremony for the Mayor of Kwang-Myung City. A lot of VIPs and his supporters attended the ceremony. After that he went to the National Assembly and give a lecture at Kim Chang-joon academy. Today, he was a Superman!