LA Trip: Short but rewarding

Mr. Jay Kim is in LA now. Arriving yesterday afternoon, Mr. Kim had a dinner with his old friends and Mr. Robert Ahn, ​​who was running for the US House of Representatives back in June.


The Conference was held on Unification of Korea organized by CSIS

Today, Mr. Jay Kim attended a conference on Korean unification and it was organized by CSIS. Many speakers came from Korea and the conference was very successful. Mr Kim also attended a dinner gathering prepared by Washington Korean leaders this evening and gave a welcome speech. Mr. Kim and Mrs. Kim will be leaving for Denver next morning to see the family members. It was a short trip to Washington but had a very tight schedule. But, Mr. Kim is grateful that he was able to accomplish a lot in a short time.

Attended a breakfast Meeting at U.S. Capitol Hill for the Study Group sponsored by U.S. Association of Former Members of Congress (FMC)

Today, there was a breakfast meeting at the US Capitol in Washington, sponsored by the FMC (U.S. Association of Former Members of Congress). For the first Korea-focused program, there were many people attended including 15 Members of incumbent, 4 former Members including Mr. Jay Kim, an Ambassador from Korea, and representatives from Korean corporations, Korean media and several Korean experts. They gathered to discuss issues about Korea, especially the North Korea’s nuclear issue. Everyone was interested in the current situation in Korea.

After the meeting, one of the Former Member exclusively toured the Capitol Hill for the people came from Korea. It was a great experience and an opportunity to learn a lot about the history of US Congress.

The first Korea-focused program sponsored by the FMC (U.S. Association of Former Members of Congress

The first Korea-focused program is hosted by the FMC. The Chairman of the Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives from Korea want US government to lift the ban on Pollack, the most popular fish in Korea, which is currently prohibited from fishing at the EEZ maritime boundary.  He had a chance to talk about the subject at the breakfast meeting. After the breakfast meeting, he had a meeting with staff at two Alaska Senators office arranged by FMC office.

Ambassador Ahn from Korea also hosted a small reception to welcome those people came from Korea. They all had a good time with Ambassador Ahn who has a keen knowledge of Alaska pollack, the most popular fish in Korea.
In the evening, Mr. Kim and his wife invited people from Korea to the Peking Duck House, the most famous restaurant for Peking duck in Washington. They were sitting at the most famous table surrounded by Bush Family pictures on the wall.

This restaurant is the best place for duck meat. If you come to Washington, be sure to go once!

Gratitude towards sacrifices of the Member of Task Force Smith

Once again, gratitude and appreciation to the noble sacrifices of the Members of Task Force Smith

On Tuesday, at the Namsan Hilton Hotel, Mr. Jay Kim hosted luncheon to show his gratefulness to the Korean war veterans, members of the Task Force Smith, who participated in the first Battle of Juk-Mi-Ryung..

On Wednesday, July 5th, Mr. & Mrs. Jay Kim attended the 60th commemoration ceremony of the first battle of the Korean War. This ceremony was hosted by Osan city and the city invited few surviving Task Force Smith Members and their families. One of the attending members, Mr. Tennier is now suffering from cancer. He was a proud American soldier who has joined the war as a medic and saved many soldiers. Another member, Mr. Zamora, said that he was only 12 years old when his 18-years-old brother fought in the Korean War. His big brother was a POW and died in the North Korea prison when he was 19 years old. Mr. Zamora missed his brother so much that he wanted to see where his brother fought before he died. There were really a heartbreaking stories and everyone was very thankful to Osan city for inviting them to Korea. General Thomas Vandal, the Commander of the 8th Army of the Republic of Korea, also attends the ceremony and gave a special thanks to Osan City for inviting war veterans every year. Once again, Mr. Jay Kim conveys his gratitude and appreciation to the noble sacrifices of the Task Force Smith. Thank you very much!