The first Korea-focused program sponsored by the FMC (U.S. Association of Former Members of Congress

The first Korea-focused program is hosted by the FMC. The Chairman of the Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives from Korea want US government to lift the ban on Pollack, the most popular fish in Korea, which is currently prohibited from fishing at the EEZ maritime boundary.  He had a chance to talk about the subject at the breakfast meeting. After the breakfast meeting, he had a meeting with staff at two Alaska Senators office arranged by FMC office.

Ambassador Ahn from Korea also hosted a small reception to welcome those people came from Korea. They all had a good time with Ambassador Ahn who has a keen knowledge of Alaska pollack, the most popular fish in Korea.
In the evening, Mr. Kim and his wife invited people from Korea to the Peking Duck House, the most famous restaurant for Peking duck in Washington. They were sitting at the most famous table surrounded by Bush Family pictures on the wall.

This restaurant is the best place for duck meat. If you come to Washington, be sure to go once!


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