Nice gift received from the President Trump

Arriving in Washington, there is a nice framed gift to Mr. Jay Kim couple, with the autograph of President Trump. In the next year, Mr. Jay Kim will contribute harder to strengthen the relationship as always between Korea and the United States. Happy New Year!



15th-year-anniversary Party of Kim Chang-Joon Academy

Last night Former Congressman Jay Kim attended a 15th-year-anniversary party at Namyangju home of Kim Kyung Hwa, the President of the 15th class members of Kim Chang-Joon Academy. Some of the 13th and 14th class members also attended and it was a great time for everyone.

Founding of the National Solidarity Association

Former Congressman Jay Kim went to Hybis Hotel in Ansan City, Gyeonggi Province this afternoon to attend a public meeting of the National Kindergarten Foundation and Dr. Seo Taejong’s new publication party. Many people attended and congratulated the founding of the National Solidarity Association and the commemorative publication of Dr. Seo’s “Road”.

Economic Forum on One Korea 2017

Yesterday, the ‘Economic Forum on One Korea 2017’ was held in the Grand Ballroom of the Federation of Korean Industries. The forum was on the topic of ‘strategies for economic reform toward the realization of one Korea’.

Former Congressman Mr.Kim Chang-joon made a speech and quoted, “Young people in our country must have a sense of unification and should be the engine to realize a unified Korean peninsula, and hope this dream will come true to Korea. ”

Last day of the 1st semester of the 15th session of Kim Chang-Joon Academy

Today was the last day of the 1st semester of the 15th session of Kim Chang-Joon Academy. Despite his busy schedule, the Prosecutor General of the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office, Mr. Moon kept his promise and gave a lecture titled ‘Why fight’. His lecture was well prepared and interesting.