Congrats to the 1st Kim Chang-Joon Golf Tournament

The 1st Kim Chang-Joon Golf Tournament’ at Seowon Valley golf course in Paju, Gyeonggi-do

Ten teams competed from the first class to the final fifteenth class round. The first trophy was won by Chung Hwan Kim, 1st class student.


Former Congressman Jay Kim Appearance at the 20th Anniversary Statesmanship Awards Gala Dinner

The 20th Anniversary Statesmanship awards Gala dinner, hosted by the US Former Members Association of Congress (FMC) on March 29 in Washington, D.C.

About 500 people, including former US lawmakers, Ambassadors, and large corporations from all over the world, participated in the ceremony.

Former Congressman Jay Kim and his wife also attended the ceremony together with many other Korean companies..

It was a meaningful event that showed the strong bond of the relationship. The Kim couple was excited to know that the 21st anniversary event will be held at the same place on March 21st 2018.

Former Congressman Jay Kim Appearance at Academy Gathering

Today, former Congressman Jay Kim and his wife were invited by Chairman Kim, Chul, 15th President of Kim Chang-Joon Academy, and enjoyed a delicious buffet at the Hangang River Bird Island.

Mr Woo who is newly registered, and Kim Hye-jung, who is in charge as general secretary, also gathered together and had a wonderful time sharing a cheerful conversation about the academy.

Former Congressman Jay Kim appearance at Kyungnam University for SMEs

Last week, former Congressman Jay Kim was invited to the Kyungnam University seminar by the Federation of Korea Small Business to give a lecture on ‘Economic Policy of the United States and the Korean Economy’.

1This seminar was a meaningful event to introduce Samsung Electronics’ patent technology and venture companies that focus on investing SMEs in the fourth industrial revolution era.

Young-min Yoo lectured at Kim Chang-Joon Academy

Last night, the Minister of Science, ICT and Future Planning, Young-min Yoo came to Kim Chang-Joon Academy and gave a lecture on the topic of ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution Era – Policy Direction of Ministry of Information and Communications’. The whole class was grateful for his time, as it was the busiest time before the Chuseok holidays.

In the afternoon, Mr. Jay Kim attended the opening ceremony of the ‘World Conference of the Korea Women’s Presidency’ and gave a welcome speech. There were many active women leaders from 12 countries, so people can easily feel the power of Korean women all over the world.

To all, please enjoy a great Chuseok holidays.