Former General from the Korean Army at Kim Chang-Joon Academy

Today, a professor from the Military Academy of Korea, who is also a General from the Korean Army, gave a great lecture on Positive Psychology and Human Happiness. Also, I was happy to see a student from our 13th Academy who was welcomed for a long time.


Mayor of Busan at Kim Chang-Joon Academy

The Mayor of Busan, Mr. Byung-soo Suh gave a lecture titled ‘Change and Innovation, New Busan’s New stage’ at the Kim Chang-joon Academy of Busan which is also the 1st lecture for Kim Chang-joon Academy Busan. Kim Chang-joon academy of Busan is going very well and it is as active as the Seoul Academy.

Secretary General of the National at Kim Chang-Joon Academy

5Today, the Secretary General of the National Assembly of Korea gave a lecture on ‘Democracy in Parliament and the New Constitution Order’ at Kim Chang-joon Academy. The topic rose heated discussion and many questions about. It was a well-received class.