Appearance at 2017 Statesmanship Awards Gala

Jay Kim and his wife attended 2017 Statesmanship awards gala organized by the National Congress of American Parliamentarians. The event was held at the Andrew Mellon Auditorium in DC, and attended by more than 500 former and current MPs, Ambassadors and staff, including Democratic Party leader Nancy Pelosi. With Jay Kim and Mrs. Kim’s effort, few Korean companies and Korean Embassy sponsored the event and there were 5 Korean tables for the first time. Mr. Kim and his wife, Jennifer Kim also served as a Dinner Steering Committee member for this event.

Conference appearance hosted by the former US Association of Members of Congress

Former Congressman Jay Kim attended a conference hosted by the former US Association of Members of Congress in Washington, DC, to discuss the policy of the Trump Administration to help Korean companies. The conference also had a serious discussion on the Sad retaliation issue in China.

Appearance on OBS Kyung-in TV program

Yesterday Jay Kim appeared on OBS Kyung-in TV program called <New Year’s Plan>. This popular TV show was about Jay Kim’s contribution to American politics during his Congressional years and his idea for development of future Korean politics. Also, they were talking about Jay Kim’s new book called ‘Be prepare for President Trump!’ which was published a month before the election and it became a ‘Bestseller’ for Jay’s prediction.


Attendance at Korean Hydrogen Energy Conference

Mr. Jay Kim and his wife attended the Korean Hydrogen Energy Conference at COEX Conference Hall and went to the Military Academy in TaeNung, where they attended the retirement ceremony of professor Moon Yong Ho, the Academy’s head professor.


Minister of Education at Kim Chang-Joon Academy

Today, Mr Jung-sik, Lee, the Minister of Education came to the 14th lecture of the 13th Class of Kim Chang-Joon Academy. He gave a lecture titled “Everyone is happily educated. The creative talent is the key to the future.”

Mr. Jay Kim expressed his appreciation to Minister Lee for the lecture given during his busy schedule.