Appearance on Power Talk

Mr. Jay Kim taped for the show called ‘Power Talk’. This TV show is on KNN-TV of Busan City and it’s about the current policy affairs. It is broadcasted every Sunday morning, so today’s taped show will be aired this coming Sunday morning and rebroadcasted in the afternoon. Please tune in!


Mayor of Gwangmyeong City gave a lecture for Kim Chang-Joon Academy.

Today, Mayor of Gwangmyeong City gave a lecture for the 3rd class of 15th Kim Chang-Joon Academy. He talked about many tearful stories and achievements of developing the famous Gwangmyeong cavern. Audiences were impressed by the success stories that were not possible without the passion of the Mayor. After the lecture, there was an election for the presidency to lead the 15th of Academy alumni.

At the same time, Mr. Jay Kim gave a lecture on “Politics and Economy in Korea in the International Society” for the Korea Financial Institute.


Headquarter office of the Kim Chang-Joon Academy has relocated

Over the past few years, Kim Chang-Joon Academy headquarter was located at the Small and Medium Business Administration building in Yeoido, but the office has moved to the FKI building two weeks ago. The new headquarter is smaller than before, but it is much nicer as it is a new building, and the panoramic view is superb. The best thing is that the building is next to Yeoido Marriott residential hotel where Mr Kim resides.

Mr. Byung-Won park, the President of Korea Employers Federation Lectured at Kim Chang-Joon Academy

Today, Mr. Byung-won Park gave a lecture at the 15th Kim Chang-Joon Academy, on the subject of ‘Economic management of employment priority’

Mr. Park is one of the most popular and regular lecturer at the Academy. This 2nd class of lecture attracted a high attendance and the attendees showed a serious attitude of learning. It is reflected that Korea has a bright future.

15th Kim Chang-Joon Academy Opening Ceremony

Today is the opening day of the 15th Kim Chang-Joon Academy. There are many qualified people registered for this semester, and the big crowd attended the opening ceremony. Mr. Jay Kim gave an important speech and a lecture to welcome new students and celebrate the opening. There will be a high expectation on class of 15th Kim Chang-Joon Academy.

Exciting lectures ahead from Minister of Defense and much more, all at Kim Chang-Joon Academy

On the 18th of August, formal Congressman Jay Kim had a meeting with Minister of Defense, Song Young-Moo. Mr. Jay Kim was grateful to recognize they are the Daejeon High School alumnus. Mr Kim was very thankful to have many excellent people coming as lecturers for Kim Chang-Joon Academy despite their busy schedule.

This semester, students have a great opportunity to directly hear the policy on important issues such as defense and social confusion from the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, the Minister of Defense Dept., and the Attorney General and so many more.

On August 19th, there was a Board Meeting for the 2017 Kim Chang-Joon Academy at the Hilton Hotel in Namsan. Mr. Jay Kim was grateful for all the attendees and whoever contributing a positive strength. In the future, he will do his best to extend his knowledge on policy decisions to support his Academy.



Kim Chang-Joon Academy Inspiring Updates

The 15th Kim Chang-Joon Academy will be opening on September 7th. We are recruiting excellent people to apply and join the Academy.

On August 16th, we’ve announced official list of new Mentors that will give special lectures to our Academy students. Welcome all and thank you for your participation.