Minister of Education at Kim Chang-Joon Academy

Today, Mr Jung-sik, Lee, the Minister of Education came to the 14th lecture of the 13th Class of Kim Chang-Joon Academy. He gave a lecture titled “Everyone is happily educated. The creative talent is the key to the future.”

Mr. Jay Kim expressed his appreciation to Minister Lee for the lecture given during his busy schedule.


Mr. Min-Suk Ahn, Korean National Assembly at Kim Chang-Joon Academy

Today, Mr Min-Suk Ahn, Korean National Assembly gave a lecture on the story of Choi Sun-sil, one of the hottest news in Korea. Everyone thanked him for giving a good lecture with a very interesting topic during his busy schedule.

Former General from the Korean Army at Kim Chang-Joon Academy

Today, a professor from the Military Academy of Korea, who is also a General from the Korean Army, gave a great lecture on Positive Psychology and Human Happiness. Also, I was happy to see a student from our 13th Academy who was welcomed for a long time.


Mayor of Busan at Kim Chang-Joon Academy

The Mayor of Busan, Mr. Byung-soo Suh gave a lecture titled ‘Change and Innovation, New Busan’s New stage’ at the Kim Chang-joon Academy of Busan which is also the 1st lecture for Kim Chang-joon Academy Busan. Kim Chang-joon academy of Busan is going very well and it is as active as the Seoul Academy.

Secretary General of the National at Kim Chang-Joon Academy

5Today, the Secretary General of the National Assembly of Korea gave a lecture on ‘Democracy in Parliament and the New Constitution Order’ at Kim Chang-joon Academy. The topic rose heated discussion and many questions about. It was a well-received class.